At the Floatation Sanctuary, we have a range of services designed to complement your floatation experience and to help improve your health and overall wellness.


How does NormaTec Compression Treatment Work?

We have NormaTec compression treatment for arms, hips and legs. Each treatment uses the same compression technique.  The pressurised compartments squeeze the treatment area, mobilising fluids and speeding up your body’s natural process of filtering lactic acid, metabolites, and other debris that build up after exercise-induced trauma out of your blood.

Are NormaTec Compression Recovery Treatments Safe?

Yes. You have control of the intensity of the massage/compression which you can adjust up or down in each zone to your liking, using the control device. If at any point you feel uncomfortable, you can simply turn the power off and remove the equipment.

The NormaTec Pulse Massage Pattern

The Dynamic Compression Pulse Massage Pattern starts in the foot, hand, or lower hip (depending on attachment used) and moves upwards zone-by-zone massaging the limb and mobilising fluid out of the extremities.

Using the 2.0 Pro System touch-screen display/control panel, you can select up to 10 intensity levels, and massage modes (e.g. “Recovery Flush”, “Rehab”, and custom options).  You can also select a Zone-Boost if you feel a particular zone requires more intense attention.

What Treatments are available?

Leg Attachments for:

Feet, ankles, calves, knees, hamstrings and quads.

Arm Attachments for:
Hands/wrists, biceps, triceps, rotator cuffs, lats, and base of neck.

Hip Attachment for:
Quads, hamstrings, IT Bands, glutes, and lower back.

What should I wear when using compression treatment?

Comfortable yet tight-fitting clothes are best. If your clothes are too loose, as the device compresses, the fabric can bunch and be uncomfortable. Clean socks are also recommended when using the compression boots.

When is Ideal Time to Use It?

Pre intensive workout/training – use the treatment for 15-20mins before a decent length training session to improve your circulation and ensure your blood is highly oxygenated.  

Post workout – Ideal to use as a 30-minute recovery session right after your workout, race, or event, especially after a long or arduous one.  

Anytime – you can also use compression therapy after a long tiring day, anytime your arms, legs or lower torso are feeling sore, or whenever you feel you need to reboot!

Can I use them in conjunction with my floats? 

Yes, you can.  For the Ultimate Detox and Recovery Experience, try: 

  1. Using NormaTec Compression first to stimulate your lymphatic system
  2. Follow with a detoxifying Pre-Float Infrared Sauna session (coming soon)
  3. Then Float your way weightlessly into deep relaxation and recovery 

Who should Use NormaTec Compression?

Compression therapy is excellent for the professional athlete, the weekend warrior, gym users, as well as for those who simply spend a lot of time standing or sitting. Those who suffer from lower extremity pain or who want to improve their immune system can also benefit from compression therapy.  Normatec Recovery Treatments are designed to optimise your recovery.  As an added incentive, compression therapy is a great way to relax and pamper your body after a hard day at work, a long day of travel, or a grueling workout. 

Normatec compression therapy can help treat many conditions including:

  1. Arthritis
  2. Tendonitis
  3. Muscle spasms and soreness
  4. Shin Splints
  5. Carpal tunnel syndrome

Who Should NOT use Compression Treatment?

Compression is a seriously useful tool for recovery, but it’s not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Compression therapy is not a good answer for all people, and should be avoided if you have any of the following conditions:

  1.  Acute pulmonary oedema
  2.  Acute thrombophlebitis
  3.  Acute congestive cardiac failure
  4.  Acute infections
  5.  Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  6.  Episodes of pulmonary embolism
  7.  Wounds, lesions, infection, or tumors at or near the site of application
  8.  Where increased venous and lymphatic return is undesirable
  9.  Bone fractures or dislocations at or near the site of application

Also, people with the following medical conditions should not use any compression device without the direction of a medical professional: 

  1. Cellulitis
  2. Leg Ulcers or wounds that aren’t healing
  3. Neuropathy or lack of sensation
  4. Peripheral arterial disease
  5. Fragile, easily damaged or thin skin
  6. History of organ failure

Why use Compression Boots?

Intermittent, dynamic pneumatic compression is a proven way of improving blood circulation and driving higher volumes of healthy, filtered, and oxygen-rich blood to your muscles as they rebuild. This is what significantly reduces the time it takes you to recover and get back to training. 

Research also reveals additional benefits of dynamic compression e.g., mitigates stiffness, increases range of motion, helps prevent delayed onset muscle soreness, reduces swelling and inflammation, facilitates greater protein absorption, and, over time, enhances muscle performance and longevity.

Faster Recovery

Created by a physician bioengineer to enhance blood flow and speed recovery, the NormaTec® Recovery System is an integral part of every athlete and fitness enthusiast’s regime. 

It uses sequential air compression massage therapy to massage your limbs, mobilise fluid and speed recovery of your body.

NormaTec pioneered dynamic compression technology for recovery and continues to be the market leader.  Elite athletes of all disciplines have been reaping the benefits of compression therapy to improve recovery and performance, and now The Floatation Sanctuary is making Normatec technology available to you, with attachments to treat Legs, Hips and Arms (called Arm Sleeves). 

What are the benefits?

The Pulse technology of the Normatec Recovery systems is designed to externally compress the limbs in a way that mimics normal physiology using a sophisticated pulsing, gradient, and distal release compression pattern for the most effective recovery tool.

This helps with:

  1. improved blood flow and accelerated muscle recovery
  2. reduced swelling and inflammation
  3. increasing flexibility and range of motion
  4. removing exercise-related waste

Normatec compression therapy can help treat many conditions including:

  1. Arthritis
  2. Tendonitis
  3. Muscle spasms and soreness
  4. Shin Splints
  5. Carpal tunnel syndrome


How the Infrared Sauna Works?

Our infrared sauna generates the same type of heat that is naturally produced by the sun and our bodies. This heat can sink deep below the skin, producing a gentle warming inside of the body; It’s like spending the day in the sun but without the UV rays! This provides extensive health benefits, including pain relief, increased circulation, skin purification and muscle relaxation.

With an Infrared Sauna, you get a deeper sweat that pushes out more toxins from your body, which promotes healing on all levels, including molecularly. The infrared sauna experience will leave you feeling relaxed, detoxified and rejuvenated.

Why use Infrared Saunas?

Muscle Recovery and Pain Relief

Regular use of an infrared sauna can provide relief from discomfort associated with tight, overworked muscles and joints for both athletes and chronic pain sufferers. Increased circulation aids in the clearance of waste products like lactic acid from the body while also delivering oxygen-rich blood to muscles, resulting in speedier muscular recovery.

Infrared saunas warm the body, which helps to relax muscles. When your muscles are warmed, it allows for deeper stretches, increasing your flexibility and range of motion. IR Sauna can also help to reduce spasms, soreness and inflammation in muscles and joints.

Weight Loss & Improved Metabolism

As your body’s temperature rises, it responds by producing perspiration in an effort to cool down, which raises your heart rate and pumps more blood into your body, improving circulation. As a result of the increased metabolism, more calories are burned!

A study showed that people who used the sauna 3 times per week found an average reduction in fat of about 4% over 4 months. These findings are unsurprising given that a single infrared sauna session can burn between 400 and 600 calories! During the trial, neither the individuals’ food nor their exercise habits were altered.


As you might know, we are exposed to toxins on a daily basis. Toxins can cause fatigue, pains, a variety of skin conditions, and a change in mood if they are not removed from the body. Saunas using infrared technology stimulate sweat glands and improve blood circulation, both of which aid in the removal of toxins through perspiration. Regularly using an infrared sauna can aid in the elimination of toxins such as heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and nickel, as well as alcohol, nicotine, and other harmful toxins.

Boosting Immune System

Your body’s core temperature rises when you absorb infrared wavelengths, which improves your cardiovascular, lymphatic, and immune systems. An artificial fever can be induced by the heat and elevated core temperature. When the body detects a fever, it goes into healing mode, strengthening and speeding up the immune response.

An improved immune system, combined with a rise in the body’s ability to eliminate toxins, may result in increased disease resistance.

If you have any questions regarding your current medical condition and the use of a Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna, please consult your medical practitioner before use. Infrared saunas are contraindicated for the following conditions, or you should consult your medical doctor prior to use. Infrared Saunas creating a cure for or treating any disease is neither implied nor should be inferred. In the rare event that you experience pain and/or discomfort while in the sauna immediately discontinue use.

Seek permission from your doctor prior to use for the following conditions:

  • – Taking medications (since some medications may induce drowsiness while others may affect heart rate, blood pressure, and circulation)
  • – The elderly
  • – Cardiovascular conditions
  • – Chronic conditions

Infrared sauna use is contraindicated for people with following conditions:

  • – Pregnancy
  • – Haemophilia
  • – Fever
  • – Insensitivity to Heat
  • – Alcohol / Alcohol Abuse


How the Oxygen Bar works?

Oxygen is the most essential element in our life, and a vital source of energy.  You can increase the concentration of Oxygen in the air you breath with our Oxypoint Oxygen Bar.  This works by pulling in room air, which is 21% oxygen, then it purifies the air, compressing the oxygen and separating the nitrogen and other trace gases, to deliver a higher oxygen concentration to the user.  With a prescribed flow of oxygen, the fraction of inspired oxygen increases from the typical 21% to 32%.  The treatment time is 15 minutes of inhalation via a special headset (oxygen delivery device) enjoyed in the comfort of our float lounge.

Not recommended for anyone with heart problems or respiratory problems like emphysema or asthma.

Why use the Oxygen Bar?

Increasing oxygen levels can help improve your immune system, kill bacteria, detoxify, clear the mind, relieve headaches, jetlag, stress and boost your energy levels.

Not recommended for anyone with heart problems or respiratory problems like emphysema or asthma.