Oxygen Bar


Oxypoint Oxygen Bar

Oxygen is the most essential element in our life, and a vital source of energy.  You can increase the concentration of Oxygen in the air you breath with our Oxypoint Oxygen Bar.  This works by pulling in room air, which is 21% oxygen, then it purifies the air, compressing the oxygen and separating the nitrogen and other trace gases, to deliver a higher oxygen concentration to the user.  The treatment time is 15 minutes of inhalation via a special headset (oxygen delivery device) enjoyed in the comfort of our float lounge.

Benefits of the Oxygen Bar

Increasing oxygen levels can help improve your immune system, kill bacteria, detoxify, clear the mind, relieve headaches, jetlag, stress and boost your energy levels.
** Not recommended for anyone with heart problems or respiratory problems like emphysema or asthma.

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