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At The Floatation Sanctuary, our mission is to provide a holistic approach to wellness, helping our clients discover the profound benefits of floatation therapy. We believe that by offering a serene and supportive environment, we can assist individuals in achieving a state of deep relaxation, reduced stress, and improved overall well-being.

Our team is dedicated to promoting both physical and mental health by harnessing the power of floatation therapy, tailored to meet each client’s unique needs.

Our state-of-the-art floatation pods are designed with the utmost care, ensuring that our clients have a comfortable and tranquil experience throughout their session. We take pride in maintaining the highest levels of cleanliness and safety, using advanced filtration systems to keep the water pristine and adhering to strict hygiene protocols. With an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, our experienced staff members are always available to answer any questions, provide guidance, and ensure a seamless and enjoyable floatation experience.

At The Floatation Sanctuary, we are passionate about spreading awareness of the numerous benefits associated with floatation therapy, including pain relief, enhanced creativity, better sleep, and heightened self-awareness. By continually investing in research and staying up-to-date with the latest industry developments, we strive to offer the most effective and innovative floatation experiences to our clients. Come join us on a journey of self-discovery, relaxation, and transformation as you explore the limitless potential of floatation therapy.

The most incredible experience on every level. To walk out and be pain free for a few hours was the most amazing feeling. From the moment you walk through the doors there is a calmness and total pampering. The pre-talk is worth the time as it helps prepare you for floatation and it is not until afterward that you realise the value of the introduction. We will definitely be returning. Thank you so much for having created this beautiful space in our town.

Lesa B

Apr 23

Meet our team


Eleanor (Ngāti Tairi, Ngā Mahanga) is very passionate about what we offer and was born in Taranaki and attended Ōkato College. She is the driving force that led to the development of the Floatation Sanctuary when she returned home after spending 40 years in Australia.
A former triathlete, having represented Australia at 8 World Championships, she really understands the importance of recovery to ensure we can all operate at our best both physically and mentally.


Phil is the support behind Eleanor. Phil is an Aussie-Kiwi, spending most of his life in Australia and recently completing the transition by becoming a New Zealand Citizen. He has a diverse background in Horticulture, Financial Services and most recently prior to moving to Taranaki was the CEO of Triathlon NSW. The experience working with Olympic Level Coaches and Athlete Development Programs taught him the critical role that both Physical and Mental recovery provides to enable all of us to be our best self no matter what we do.


Annaliese, currently on Maternity leave, has a beautiful empathetic soul and plays a vital role in hosting our clients. With a background in Psychology, she is passionate about the need for self-care and allowing nature to heal. She has worked in multiple roles supporting people through sometimes difficult periods of their lives.

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Enter a deep state of relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety through floating in our specially designed pods or pool.

Pneumatic Compression

Intermittent pneumatic compression to increase circulation, reduce swelling and remove lactic acid in the limbs

Cold Compression

To accelerate recovery from injuries and joint surgery. Combines hot and cold with gentle compression, reducing pain and increasing blood flow to injured joint.

Infrared Sauna

 Infrared heaters to heat the body directly, rather than heating the air around the body, providing a deeper, more detoxifying sweat

Oxygen Bar

High concentration oxygen treatment with our Oxypoint Oxygen Bar to improve the oxygenation of the body and help in the healing process.


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