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Just like any other self-care modality, how often you use our recovery services will be based on your personal circumstance and need – but the best results are usually achieved with regular sessions.  And the more frequently you commit to your recovery service, the bigger the discount you will receive. 

Whatever you decide, make sure you take the time-out you need regularly to Relax, Recover and Rejuvenate, and be your best self.

Multiple Use Float Memberships

Regular floating assists maintain both physical and mental wellbeing. A selection of shareable, pre-paid multiple session memberships are available and offer great value and flexibility to regular users.

From $430 (savings of up to 30%)

Multi Session Sauna Memberships

Regular use of our infrared sauna continues to build the benefits to improve your overall wellness. A number of pre-paid multi session membership packages are available and offer great value and flexibility for regular users to relax, recover and rejuvenate.

Starting From $180 (savings of up to 30%)

Recurring Weekly or Monthly Membership Options

For those who want to commit to a more disciplined, regular recovery practice, we offer memberships with recurring weekly sessions or monthly sessions, which provide the greatest value for our regular users. Members with Recurring Memberships also receive discount of 15% (applied at checkout instore) on all other casual use services. Our Recurring Memberships are not shareable and have a minimum member commitment of 3 months. Recurring payments then continue until cancelled.

From $45 per week – Contrast Therapy
From $35 per week – Infrared Sauna only
From $20 per week – Cold Plunge Only
From $70 per week – Floatation Therapy
From $85 per month – Floatation Therapy

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