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Everyone deserves time out for self-care. You can package our various recovery services how you wish – or select one of our specific service combinations to make it easier for you to parcel two or more of our recovery services and enjoy the combined benefits at the one visit.  

Ultimate Detox & Recovery Package

The ultimate package of self-care. Enjoy 30 minutes of pneumatic compression (your choice of legs, pants, arms or hips), whilst using our Oxygen Bar, followed by a 30-minute infared sauna, finishing with a 90 minute float session (60 minutes in the float pod).

Services are consecutive, so please allow 2 ½ hrs for this package experience, and leave feeling truly refreshed and rejuvenated.

Only $165 – save $30

Sauna-Float Package

The combination of heat exposure via infrared sauna and reduction of stress hormones by floating is a great combo for those looking to really unwind, de-stress and boost their immune system naturally. Experience 30mins in our spacious private infrared sauna followed by a 90-minute float session (1 hr actual float time).

$150.00 for 1 person
$245.00 for couples (using double float pool)
$275.00 for 2 people (in separate float rooms)

Our Introduction to Floating Package

Float Therapy is undoubtably a unique and profoundly relaxing experience, but Clinical Research tells us it can sometimes take a couple of sessions to learn how to really let go and fully realise the potential of floating.  It is therefore recommended you float a minimum of 3 times before deciding if floating is for you.  For those purchasing this introduction series we highly recommend scheduling your 3 sessions in the same month.  Spacing your first floats too far apart will reduce the impact they have.  So, if you wish to get the most out of your purchase, book your appointments no more than 7 to 10 days apart to allow you to build on gains made each time, and better optimise the many benefits floatation therapy offers.  The 3 floats within this discounted package must be used within 3 months and are not shareable.

$235 – save $95

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