Relax, rejuvenate and recover at New Plymouth’s Floatation Sanctuary

What is floatation?

Floatation therapy is a time-efficient and cost-effective way to reduce your stress and heal. Hit your reset button by floating weightlessly in a luxurious mineral-rich environment.  You lie totally supported in the warm concentration of crystal clear clean water saturated with Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulphate), with a buoyancy level that is denser than the dead sea. This allows your entire nervous, skeletal and muscular systems to completely relax (simultaneously). You escape the sensory bombardment of the world as your body absorbs magnesium, your muscles are relieved from the stress of gravity and your mind is calmed by stillness. Floating makes you feel good!  It allows your mind and body to recharge. Most people emerge from floating on a natural high.

What do you float in?

At The Floatation Sanctuary, we offer 3 float rooms, each with their own private bathroom facilities to shower before and after your float. Our Kina and Koru Rooms have the spacious spherical FloatSpa Premium Float Pods – bigger than the size of a double bed, yet embryonic.  For those needing even more space, we offer our Marino Room with its beautiful open float pool from FloatSpa –  the size of a super king bed and big enough for couples floating.  The Marino Room is also ideal for the very tall (over 7 feet), and for those anxious about enclosed spaces.  Gentle music (customisable) and soft light help you acclimatise to the environment, then slowly fade away.  You also have access to a button to turn lights on/off during your float to enable you to settle in to your session at your own pace.   The popup lid will stay in any position you require, so you are in control of your space.  You can get in and out at any point should you need to.

Nearing the end of your float session, you’ll become aware of distant music, and soft lights, which will bring you back to the present.  Enjoy a few minutes of gentle stretching whilst your body is completed relaxed in the water.  At the very end of your session, a voice will announce your float has come to an end, and you can step out and shower again to wash off the salt water.  The water will start to slowly drain from the pod/pool through the filtration system into the separate reservoir tank.

Who is floatation for?

Float treatments are suitable for both men and women of all ages (we allow from ages of 14 and up).  You must be physically able to get into and out of the float pod by yourself.  Floatation may help to reduce or eliminate pain,  detox,  relieve anxiety and depression, recover from sleep deprivation  (1 hour of floating can equal up to 8 hours of deep sleep), relieve stress and calm the mind.

It is also very beneficial and safe for pregnant mums. Floating therapy is a special weightless and gravity-free experience, it relieves the aches and pains associated with pregnancy.

Benefits of floatation therapy.

Magnesium is just one of them, it is the second most abundant element in your cells with over 375 processes in your body, and most people are deficient in it.  Whilst floating, you absorb magnesium through your skin (transdermal absorption is much easier and gentler on your system than taking a heap of pills).  The Sulphate helps improve absorption of nutrients and to flush toxins and heavy metals from your body. Both are essential for maintaining a healthy body and mind.

Symptoms of low magnesium levels include: muscle cramps, eye twitches, PMS, impaired immune system, tremors, depression, a predisposition to anxiety, sleep issues, constipation, hypertension, an inability to unwind properly, depression, dizziness, nervousness, irritability, and more.

Research and studies spanning over 50 years supports Float Therapy is beneficial for:  stress reduction, injury rehabilitation, relieving arthritis or chronic pain, athlete physical recovery & mental focus, lowering high blood pressure, reducing fatigue, natural relief for depression, anxiety & PTSD, pregnancy support, relieving symptoms associated with fibromyalgia, MC & Chronic Fatigue, aiding creativity, and more restful sleep.

Oxygen Bar

Oxygen is the most essential element in our life, and a vital source of energy.  You can increase the concentration of Oxygen in the air you breath with our Oxypoint Oxygen Bar.  This works by pulling in room air, which is 21% oxygen, then it purifies the air, compressing the oxygen and separating the nitrogen and other trace gases, to deliver a higher oxygen concentration to the user.  The treatment time is 15 minutes of inhalation via a special headset (oxygen delivery device) enjoyed in the comfort of our float lounge.

Increasing oxygen levels can help improve your immune system, kill bacteria, detoxify, clear the mind, relieve headaches, jet lag, stress and boost your energy levels.

Not recommended for anyone with heart problems or respiratory problems like emphysema or asthma.

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