Frequently Asked Questions & Answers, Please read these so that you can get the best floating experience possible.

It is now possible for breastfeeding women to float but we need to talk first as there are some things that will need to be done to achieve this.

Q- When can’t I float?
A- I don’t allow people to float if they are –


Have infectious diseases

With a perforated ear drum

Have diarrhea and for 3 days following

Have epilepsy

Have coloured your hair red, black or dark brown and it is still coming out when you wash it as I don’t want this colour in the water

Have just shaven or waxed, everybody is different some peoples pores take long to close and if they are still open then it will sting

No floating if you are drunk

If you have spray tan that may come off in the water

I would also want to know if you have kidney disease or heart disease.

Q- What do I wear in the tank?
A– You wear nothing yes that’s right Naked, it is a private room only you are in there.

Q- Will I get claustrophobic in the tank?
A– The tank is BIG it is as wide as a double bed and 1.25 meters high, so when you are floating on the water you can’t even touch the top.

Q- Can I get out anytime?
A– Yes it is just a pop up lid and you are in control to open and close the lid to get in and out at anytime.

Q- Do you change the water in between people?
A– There is almost half a ton of Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulphate) & Dead Sea Salt in the tank so it is not possible to change the water every time, so there is a 4 stage filtration system consisting of UV light, 1 Micron filter bag with water pearls and Hydrogen Peroxide, this effectively cleans the water in between floaters and every 2 hours when not in use to keep the water in pristinely clean condition.

Q- What do I need to bring?
A– Bring whatever you comb your hair with and a water bottle for when you leave as you will probably be thirsty. I supply Organic shampoo & conditioner most of the Sukin range for you to pamper yourself with after your float, towels and a hairdryer. As you have a private room you don’t need a swimsuit.

Q- Can anybody float?
A– Yes it doesn’t matter what age, shape or size you are you will float effortlessly. Height limit 6ft4 & weight limit 120kg.

Q- Is there anything I need to do to prepare to float?
A– It is best to float on an empty stomach but not hungry, be well hydrated, avoid caffeine, shaving or waxing ( see above) prior some people’s pores take longer than this to close so if possible even the day before. I will provide everything you need for your float except what you comb your hair with.

Q- Is it safe during pregnancy?
A– Yes the water is only  35degrees this is relaxed skin temperature, in fact it is a wonderful way to take the weight off your entire body during pregnancy, with the added bonus of boosting your magnesium and sulphate which is essential for a healthy human to form.However if you have some challenges with your pregnancy I would like to talk about it to make sure floating is still right for you. I have a cut off time of 37 weeks.

Q- What is in the tank?
A– Just water and Epsom Salt (magnesium sulphate) & Dead sea salts. Magnesium is the second-most abundant element in human cells and the fourth-most important positively charged ion in the body, also helps to regulate the activity of more than 325 enzymes and performs a vital role in orchestrating many bodily functions, from muscle control and electrical impulses to energy production and the elimination of harmful toxins. Sulphate Flushes toxins, improves absorption of nutrients, helps form joint and mucin proteins, brain tissue and helps prevent or ease migraine headaches. Basically we need it and most of us are deficient as the soil is now depleted.

Q- Is everybody successful at floating?
A– As with all different therapies not everybody will enjoy floating, you need to be open to a very different experience when you float and you may need to float a few times (I recommend at least 3 times) to really start to let go and allow the process of this profound relaxation of your body and mind. All experiences are different, very rarely are two floats the same as each time you float you go deeper into the layers of your being.


Sleep and floating, the misconception – By Joy Hodson (Founder of The Floatation Sanctuary)

It occurred to me when I was floating that a lot of my clients come out saying “I didn’t go to sleep” and I realized this is one of the misconceptions about floating and maybe has come about by my saying “A one hour float is equivalent to up to 8 hours of sleep” and a lot of my clients come because they are finding it hard to sleep.

When you are floating it does not make you fall asleep as such,  but rather it relaxes the brain into the Theta State, which is the condition of lucid dreaming or the meditative state. So the chatter that goes on in one’s mind whilst floating is not a bad thing (for those that say they couldn’t turn off their chatter box) as this is sub-conscious chatter. For the conscious mind has taken a back seat because this is a natural response to sensory deprivation and there may be some gems of information in your sub-conscious chatter but most can’t remember what the chatter was when they come out of Theta State, much like a dream.

Our brain can work with less clutter and more clarity.  I feel through my own experience of thousands of hours floating and listening to thousands of people’s accounts of floating that our brain, which to me is like a computer, is defragmenting while floating, it sorts through our thoughts or places thoughts into the right folder, so our brain can work with less clutter and more clarity.

Floatation tanks are the only place we can experience this state of sensory deprivation.  This is a very unique state for our brain: as far as I know floatation tanks are the only place we can experience this state of sensory deprivation and this is why it is equivalent to so much sleep as all these processes of freedom from gravity, weightlessness and sensory deprivation are taking place simultaneously.

Remember you don’t have to do anything, just float and everybody can float effortlessly in a floatation tank.