The Brain

Neuroscientists have discovered the brain is an endocrine organ that secretes numerous neurochemicals which influence our behaviour, moods & addictions.

Our brains secrete hormones that make us happy, anxious, sad, depressed, nervous, shy, sleepy, sexy etc. Each of us creates different amounts of these various neurochemicals  – endorphins – natural opiates – dopamine – serotonin  – making  life a experience  more pleasurable as a result. We can release mega amounts of the happy endorphins simply by just floating in a Floatation Tank, therefor relieving Stress,Depression, Anxiety & uncertainty in a natural way without the use of drugs.

Tests indicate that floating increased the secretion of good endorphins at the same time as it reduces the levels of a number of stress–related neurochemicals, such as adrenaline, norepinephrine, ACTH, and cortisol – substances that can cause tension, anxiety, irritability, and are related to ailments such as heart disease, hypertension and high levels of cholesterol, depression and a loose of life enjoyment.

One other neurochemical theory with floating is the “return of the womb” explanation, pregnant women produce up to eight times the normal endorphin levels, the foetus experiences true prenatal bliss. So when a floater is suspended in the dense, warm solution, enclosed in darkness, body pulsing rhythmically and brain pumping out endorphins, it’s possible that subconscious memories are stirred and profoundly deep associations of the womb are called up while floating.

At the end of a float session most people have a feeling that everything is okay in their world the mind feels balanced and peaceful, they are Happier. Floating creates a buffer against stress and it’s effects naturally making life easier , it is very much like hitting your Reset Button.