Restoring Balance

The human body has an exquisitely sensitive self–monitoring and self–regulating system that is constantly working to maintain the body in homeostasis – an optimal state of balance, harmony, equilibrium and stability. Considered in these terms, we can define stress as a disruption of our internal equilibrium, a disturbance of our natural homeostasis. Floatation Pods are the optimum place for restoration of your body as when it does not have to do all the things to keep us in a place of homeostasis , it can do lots of other healing and repairing.

Research now indicates that many of floating’s most powerful effects come from its tendency to return the body to a state of homeostasis. When we view the mind and body as a single system, it becomes clear that external stimuli are constantly militating against the system’s equilibrium, every noise, and every degree of temperature above or below the body’s optimal level, every encounter with other people, everything we see and feel can disrupt our homeostasis.

But when we enter the tank, we abruptly stop making constant adjustments to outer stimuli.

Since there are no external threats, no pressures to adapt to outside events, the system can devote all its energies to restoring itself. The normal state, of course, is optimum health, enthusiasm, and immense pleasure in being alive.

Floating is great for sore backs, aching bodies and recovery from workouts and injuries as it reduces Pain and Inflammation.